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Trees in a Chicago park in the autumn

Integrative Mental Health Therapy in Chicago


Hello, and thank you for visiting!

I am a licensed therapist, teacher, writer, and musician. My office is in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood, on the north side of the city. I work primarily with adults on challenges ranging from alleviating anxiety and depression to issues surrounding one's identity. In addition, I have specialized training in work with individuals living with bipolar disorder. As a musician myself, I work with a number of artists, writers, and music makers.

Licensed Chicago therapist Bill Singerman has brown eyes and a kind smile.

Philosophy and Approach

You might be wondering what kind of therapist I am - after all, there are many different forms of therapy out there. If I were to give you technical words to describe my therapeutic approach, I'd include "integrative psychodynamic," "existential," "relational," and "humanistic."

Simply put, this means that:

  • I help individuals gain a deeper understanding of what makes them unique through a developmental lens;

  • I work collaboratively with clients to help identify and change unhealthy patterns of behavior; 

  • I integrate mindfulness-based practice into my work with clients;

  • I help clients deeply explore issues of personal signficance

I consider the relationship between therapist and client to be key to successful outcomes. Therefore, I make use of my innate kindness, empathy, curiosity, and sense of humor to foster relationships built on trust, respect, and non-judgment. 

Please do not hesitate to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

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